Underpass, Penn Ave


Underpass, Penn Ave

Kind of a 45 degree angle- this painting is more heavily textured than other paintings I did in 2012. I used wood chips I get from a wooden bowl maker from Lewisburg. Years ago I made a turtle from his wood chips so he always remembers me during the Lewisburg arts fest when I ask him for more.

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  1. Beth Soltesz says:

    Hi, Nathan.
    I was at the East End Food Co-op for lunch this afternoon and I saw your art and thought, “Where do I know that name?” Then I realized that you’re a co-worker. Living and working in Wilkinsburg, I really love your art work. Do you ever sell your pieces?

    1. nsv5001 says:

      Wow! Yeah I do- the Underpass I sold a bit ago. Usually I sell the medium sized ones for two hundred- the underpass went for a little more. Do you live in Wilkinsburg? I can’t remember what face goes with your name- I would probably recognize you in person if I met you again. All the ones at the co-op are for sale, I would love for you to have one, especially if you like the area. I love it where we work.

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