Coffee with Strangers #2


Hey everybody,
I know it’s been a really long time since I posted. I have three projects brewing, this is the first.

What we have is a sort of sequence. I’ve been trying recently to isolate some of the themes of my art and move them forward. I think one of the themes that I’m start to identify with is the movement in my paintings. Because of the muddy painting over the hard lines, I think that many of my paintings incorporate a dynamic movement.
While it’s hard to tell in the photographs, the paintings are both wood and vinyl floor tile. The floor tile reduces in it’s cover of the wood as the figure in the painting progresses towards the viewer. They contract, like a focusing. The texture of the painting, then, is dominated by a focus movement. Similarly, the details of the painting generally shift towards the center and the last figure, the one closest, is the most fully realized of any of the three.

The final expression doesn’t quite capture what was happening in the photographed moment. I made a choice after several different constructions of the third face to have her look in what I think of as a sort of irresolute calm.

This scene is outside of Cafe 61B in Regent Square. When I met the person I photographed, I was impressed by her composure and her expressiveness, two things I’m not in the habit of putting together. I hope these paintings have caught some of that.

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