No Man’s Land

I’ve been talking about my caulk a while now. Here, finally, is the result of my first paint using the caulk gun as a primary means of implementation.


No Man's Land

I’m calling this “No Man’s Land” because I think about parking lots as one of the only places where I’m likely to see a representative demographic of my community. I go from car to work to car to home to car to evening activity. I’m finding my life already embodies the clandestine, segmented ideal that our society could already be headed too. Parking lots are a paradox for me in that while I’m more connected in them with other people than in many other places, I am at the same time unpleasantly aware of the the extent of the introversion of my life generally. Instead of feeling closer to my community, parking lots give me at times a vertigo-ish feeling of disconnection.

As I said before, I used caulk on this painting as the first layer. I then layered it with paint and joint fixative. The joint fixative worked okay. The caulk worked really well. In the future I’d like to play with the contrast between the flow of the caulk texture wit the staccato texture of wood chips.

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