Nathan Van Patter and the Quest of the Seven Dragons


….and, we’re back.

That’s right! For those of you who might not know, about five years ago I set a goal of making seven great dragons before I died. The first two dragons were made of wood.

This red one:

red dragon

And this Green one:

Green dragon

(Also, does anyone have a better photo of this? I can’t find one right now, and I’m sure there is a better photo somewhere. If you have one and send it to me, I’ll definitely give you a hi-five next time I see you)

After these two, I had five more to do. I wanted to go big, so I started two year construction on a 20 foot long wooden dragon. While I love accomplishing outlandish goals, the general failure of my construction principles led to a miasma of hopelessness. I kept fantasizing about it crashing apart hanging from rafters somewhere and the wooden head impaling some bystander. That fantasy wasn’t particularly good for continuing to make progress. I scrapped that, and gave up on the dragons.

But no more! I recently decided that I could do a better third dragon, and that would be by going small instead of big. I am going to make five t-shirt dragons as a stand in for dragon number 3! Starting with this guy:


Let me know what you think! I haven’t quite worked out getting him on a t-shirt, but I think I just find a t-shirt site, upload and print. I’m so excited this is happening again.

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