Coolest things I’ve seen recently


Lots of content- soon. In the meantime, I want to share some really great stuff.

First- puppet RoomPuppet RoomThis is a REAL ROOM in the Braddock library. You can borrow these things! My gosh!

I stumbled across this while I was working; I was going to meet a client at the library. She didn’t show, but I got sort of an ad hoc tour of the library. That place is amazing! I wish I had taken more pictures!

Also, been taking pictures of trains. These are cool, but what I want to do with them will be heavily influenced by the Magnet Dragon Project (Or MDP)(Also, I’ve literally never posted about that before, so if you’re confused, it’s because you’re paying attention.) Anyway, here are some trains.

Surprisingly, I’ve never made trains before in any paintings. So, I’m hoping I can turn these into fusion real/surreal dragon esque paintings.

I realized recently that dragons represent abstractions in a way that I like the most. Arms can come out of almost anywhere- wings from anywhere. I want to do that with trains, if I can. Five trains, weaving together, breaking apart. Two headed. Fire- clouds. Brown patches of gravel- graffiti everywhere. I have such an inchoate feeling thinking about this painting. I worry that “Jess and Eric’s House” became too quixotic. It got a little too big for me, maybe. I want to make small paintings, but maybe I can just slam this guy out. Who know? After MDP I feel ready for anything.

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