What should I do next with portraits?



Trying to get back to portraits- my portraits have been a little weak for a long time, and I’m trying to think through what direction I’d like to go in next.

Had a lot of time in New Orleans to try to sketch this stuff out. Some of the less accurate ones have some good energy. The three most realistic ones are from me changing the colors to all black and white. Still a lot to think about. Will be doing a color painting of this subject soon enough.

Soon I’ll be posting on my first round of portraits. I uncovered them in my parents attic/they actually uncovered them and told me to take them to my house. Was kind of wild that these portraits were still good. I’ll be taking photos once my house walls are painted.

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  1. Shawnelle says:

    Amazing. I’m flattered. You are living your dream and expressing yourself and finding beauty in all of it. Best wishes my friend! Such a pleasure to smoke with you!

    1. nsv5001 says:

      Thanks! Hopefully I can turn it into a good painting!

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