Hope on the Monongahela


I made this as a way to counterbalance the doom and gloom. It’s a (obviously) a wooden ship with trees in place of sails. The trees are modeled after local trees in bloom. I wanted to counterbalance some of the darkness of the show and create something really fun.

Also, I got a high temp glue gun for Christmas and I wanted to make something really cool with it. Thought this sculpture took way longer than I thought it would, it took way less hours than it would have.

This fantasy is half my feelings of romance about wooden ship and half about my desire for sustainable power. I’m not sure if our search for renewable energy will ever lead to wooden ships again, but…wouldn’t it be cool if it did? It’s profound in a way that people traveled the world by working as a unit on a big tub of wood powered by a big big blanket. When I’m on a plane and remember it’s a tube of metal I have a moment of vertigo as I wonder how good idea it all is. I sometimes think about sailors realizing their fragility in the middle of a landless expanse.

I think it would amazing if up and down the river came wooden ships like this- blowing on their own- no crew maybe. Just beautiful empty monuments to…something.

Anyway, it’s a cool, big sculpture that will look good with everything else. I hope everyone enjoys it half as much as I enjoyed making it.

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