Where did all the Paintings Go? (Part 2): Tree of Life


The very first thing to say about this project is that I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of Stuart Diller and Amanda Shepard. This is being made up for my church, the Upper Room. The expenses for the materials have been generously provided by the church, which is a hug buy in due to our church being pretty small. It’s not finished, but this project has been huge. I describe the hours of this project like throwing pennies in a well hoping to fill up the well. Something these pictures will reveal is that there has been a lot of backtracking. For instance, in the new red version (which is way too red) the purple has been completely throw out. The yellow/blue/red is going to change in the same way. Looking back, that initial black attack I was doing on those eight by eight boards was a ton of fun (as seen on the first picture). All three people on the team have been working on this for coming on a year. I’ll post more about this soon, as I start releasing pictures as we complete more aspects of it. At the bottom you can see my attempts with Amanda of carving up glass. This is a super great project. We’re shooting for it to be done by Pentecost, which is in June.

IMG_1260IMG_1278 IMG_1270 IMG_1283IMG_1364IMG_1449IMG_1502 Tree picture redIMG_2614  031015210803101520370310152033

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