The Year in Review- Where did all the Paintings Go? (Part 1)


So, this year I’ve been more disciplined than ever. Surprisingly, then, when I counted how many paintings I had made, I had to stop counting at seven. Why is that? Well, I’ve been trying to figure that out, and I figured that as I do I could post about where my painting time has gone. Consequently, this post full of okay-ish sketches.

I’ve tried to make a habit of going to the art museum with my spare time and sketching the work of great masters. This has happened….sometimes. It’s taken a little chunk out of my time painting, but also it’s helped me improve a lot this year in my fundamentals. It’s given me a reference point for the stuff I’m trying to do different, and ideas about how to pattern my work just a little more off of people who really knew what they were doing. Here are some sketches. Extra points if anyone can name what paintings they’re from. 098 099 097

158 159 160

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