Quest of the 7 Dragons: Gosh, Sadness

So, tough couple of months. Lots of huge life changes, including a major car accident late at night. Weird, difficult other stuff. Anyway, in order to have something positive to focus on, I thought it was time to move forward to completing a dragon for my (now defunct?) life project. Magnet dragons got lost in the shuffle. So…here we go. Car Dragon.

To be sure, I’ll be adding a lot to the car. The “dragon” on the hood will be literal, but the actual completion of the “Dragon” for my life-dragons will be that I’ll complete the whole car. I’ve decided to think of this stuff a little more symbolically.

I’ve started to realize I do big paintings when I start to feel powerless in the rest of my life. Hopefully some of this stuff turns around soon. Either way, I’ll be working on this car throughout the spring an summer, hopefully with a few of my favorite art allies.

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