Living Rooms #1


I’ve been trying to articulate the emotions of this painting. It’s been a struggle, as I think “sad” or “lonely” isn’t quite right. “Luminous” sounds good, but is also not a feeling. After thinking for a while, I’ve come closer to the word “vertiginous”. While I don’t think this painting produces any sort of a whirling feeling, I do think that it invites a feeling of motion from the interior of the viewer. It’s an invitation into an alternate world, one that is slightly more theatrically quiet.

When I was doing this painting, I was thinking a lot about this painting. PoolHallPainting

I like how the central table has so much emotional energy an definition in contrast to the figures, who fade into the background. I like the lines pointing towards the back room. My living room painting is sort of my take on Van Gogh’s way of doing interiors. Maybe soon I’ll do more public spaces, but right now I’m really interested in private spaces.

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