Baseball Evolution!


So I decided to do baseball paintings while doing my painting “Mcdonald’s World!” You might be wondering (if you are a bi-yearly reader) where is “Mcdonald’s World!”? Well I broke it! I broke it so hard!

If you keep paintings in your car and then also you glued them together with (apparently) really bad glue, they fall apart in a million pieces. Don’t worry! My vaguely, circuitously critical statement about culture and fast food will eventually be complete and…in my basement. In the meantime, I have a baseball painting!

This painting was supposed to be about the nature of mass culture and baseball as art, I think it’s ended up mostly just a study to make that painting. I think art and meaning is like playing Price is Right Plinko, in that what you start doing and what you hope to accomplish is broken up by thirty tiny little plastic knobs that make everything bounce around.

So, while I’m really proud of the composition and the rendering, what I’ve made is not at all what I wanted to make. I’ve made a good study of baseball players standing around being bored. While boredom is a great thing to paint, I still want to make a baseball painting that does something big. Apparently Cezanne painted women bathers 200 times. I think I can handle at least 3 baseball paintings.

If anyone read this, please comment. I would put more posts out, but I think I have a readership of…3? 4? So let me know and I can write more.

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  1. gregisonthego says:

    I read it. Flying Poop Man’s legacy lives on.

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