Living Rooms #2



This painting is an effort to create a more turbid, tense living room scene than the one of me in my apartment. I used blue and red and green to create a sense of tension. The couch and the lamp start a sort of triangle of objects/motion that move towards the door into the other room. The figure in this is much more prominent- I didn’t want to lean too hard on putting everyone in other rooms.

While this isn’t quite as eerie or serene as Living Rooms #1, I think it’s a good entry into this series of ideas. I’ve been thinking a lot about how the living room is the center of people’s lives. I’m trying to map pieces of private life. I spend a lot of time at home, and I feel this huge range of emotion there that would be imperceivable if someone was a fly on the wall. This series is about trying to depict the experience of being at home as though the external world more resembles the complexity of the internal world. Needless to say, this also involves me projecting my emotional spaces on my friends who are nice enough to model for me. Hopefully this keeps being a fruitful subject.

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