Art Show 2021: Halfway Point

I’m halfway to my art show and here’s what we have:

Six abandoned houses:




Making the abandoned houses is a ton of fun and it’s pretty comfortable and easy for me. I could make a ton of these, but I would hate for it to seem that I think that abandoned houses is the sum total of what’s going on in this area.

Three portraits:



With these portraits, I have two styles I’ve used: Ones with glass, and ones with a new, denser brushstroke pattern I’ve been trying. I think I might combine those two?

One King Fear


King Fear is a medley of textures from the abandoned houses that I’m using as part of a (hopefully) complex and layered metaphor about the area.

A trilogy of concept/autobiographical/parenthetical paintings




Two Braddock Spaceships



These are sort of operating with the same thinking as King Fear, but a little more positively.


And one painting of a local business: img_2611

If you could provide positive feedback, here’s the questions I need feedback for:

  1. Which kind of paintings are working the best for you? What do you like, what are you interested in seeing more of?
  2. What are positive subjects I could focus on for North Braddock?
  3. What themes do you think connect across the paintings? What themes do you think resonate in the different clusters of paintings?
  4. Which of the two styles of portrait do you think is working better?
  5. Which Braddock spaceship is better? Should I make a third one?

Email me your answers at

Here is a brief form you can fill out as well:


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